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Steve is featured on the cover of the February issue of PowerSource Magazine. Click here to read the article.


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Up to Somethin' (2010)
1. Eighty Acre Church
2. Invisible Hand
3. I Ain't Givin' Up On Jesus
4. Heaven's Up To Something
5. Love, Anyhow
6. Love's Gotta Go Somewhere

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Busy new year for Steve!

Steve's 2011 is starting out with a bang!   On the heels of his #1 Christian Country hit "80 Acre Church," Steve's new year is starting with a busy January.  Steve will begin a media tour and more radio touring later this month.

Steve and co-writer, Greg McDougal take a break from their writing session in the ASCAP writers room in Nashville.

Starting the New Year off right.....

A great way to start the new year off is with a meaningful quote!  Thank you, Tere Scott for being our first great quote of 2011!

"If your life is not changed from this album, it will certainly be inspired with encouragement and enjoyment of the music of Steve Richard."
Tere Scott, St. Louis Music Christian Examiner

Steve Richard Reaches Career Milestone Receives FIRST #1 Single – “Eighty Acre Church”

Force MP Entertainment recording artist Steve Richard has just reached a career milestone! His song “Eighty Acre Church” has attained the coveted #1 position on the Power Source Radio Chart.   This is another FIRST for the award winning artist.
“Every artist dreams of having a #1 song! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that ‘Eighty Acre Church’ has touched the hearts of people and invoked a spiritual feeling in them the same way that it did me.  It is such a special song,” says Richard.
Steve began a two week road trip this week to visit with his friends at radio to thank them for their support and for playing his music.  He plans to use the song for the greater good with some exciting campaigns that will be announced in early 2011.

Review: Steve Richard – Up To Somethin’

by Janet Goodman

Music News Nashville

The saying, “It all begins with a song” could have been coined by Christian country artist Steve Richard.  The 2009 ICM Best New Artist might not have the strongest voice in town - it could be described as a little on the thin side, sounding somewhere between Ray Davies and Leon Russell.  The real reason for Richard’s industry recognition is his compelling storytelling delivery of well-written songs…period.  His choices are songs with uplifting lyrics and melodies that fit his assets like worn-leather gloves.

Richard has now released his sophomore project, “Up To Somethin’” – a 6-song EP recorded in Nashville and produced by Phil O’Donnell (Montgomery Gentry, Joe Diffie) on the Force MP Entertainment label.  Some of Nashville’s finest A-list writers are represented here, and Richard knows how to give them justice.

Stand-out opener and current single is “Eighty Acre Church.” With lyrics like, “He says, I just plant the seed/Pray for rain and fight the weeds/After that the rest ain’t really up to me,” this story song gives new meaning to “doing God’s work.” Reminiscent of Jason Aldean’s “Amarillo Sky,” this song could take its place as the new farmer’s anthem, or less secularly put – the new farmer’s hymn: “Most folks see an old man on a tractor/A farmer putting in another hard day’s work/But if you ask him he’ll say/He’s just another heart of faith/Out there on an eighty acre church.”

Another single off the record is “Invisible Hand,” with a George Harrison feel and a big gospel chorus.  Little Big Town-like spunky harmonies and dobro- swampiness embellish the gem, “I Ain’t Givin’ Up On Jesus.” Richard gives grit to his vocals on this one, and hearing it on non-religious radio stations is not a stretch of the imagination - it has cross-over appeal.

Soulful country organ washes over “Heaven’s Up To Something,” and “Love, Anyhow,” with its Celtic vibe and military drum, bring diversity to his album.  The final track - a mid-tempo ballad, “Love’s Gotta Go Somewhere” - tells the touching story of a grieving widower pouring his heart into digging up the entire backyard to plant his dead wife’s favorite flowers. 

Currently, Richard is being marketed as Christian country, but his songs of substance would be welcome additions to mainstream country radio play lists.